Founded in 1992 in Albi (France), our Merveilles des Arts shop specialises in Oriental rugs, Kilims and Ethnic pieces.


We select our rugs, with a keen eye for quality and authenticity. We offer hand-made rugs made from wool or silk, antics or contemporary, from 1-12 m2 or more. Our rugs come from Iran, Caucasus, Central Asia, Pakistan, Kashmir. We also offer Kilims, Soumaks, Suzanis and ethnical pieces such as gorjins, namakdans, mafreshs, djajims and sofrehs

We select our rugs and Kilims whilst searching for authenticity, whether this would be academic, traditional or ethnic creations.


Throughout centuries and fashions, rugs and kilims are mostly products from Orient having found their place in the occidental market, bringing advantages that are both practical, decorative and fascinating.


Twenty-eight years of experience and our customers loyalty and satisfaction are both proof of our reliability.



Our experience testifies for the love and passion we have for our rugs and kilims and more generally for our profession.


Please note: We do not have direct sellers at home. Be careful.